* Pet consultation (this will ensure I          
   understand what your wishes are)
* Nails clipped or filed (with Dremel tool)
* Ears cleaned & hair removed
* Hair between pads of feet trimmed
* Thorough brushing and comb out
* Sanitary trim
* Tearless shampoo on head (Blueberry facial)
* Warm hydro massage bath with premium all
    natural shampoo
* All natural conditioners
* Hand high velocity air-fluff drying
* Haircut specific to breed or your individual
* Les Poochs cologne
* Bows or bandana

* Medicated Shampoo
* "FURminator" deshedding treatment
* Minimal dematting...severe matting will 
   be given a short haircut. I believe grooming 
   should be a pain free experience for your pet.
* Hand scissoring
* Teethbrushing and breath freshener
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Sera L
Sera L loves her Blueberry Facial
Grooming prices vary for a very simple reason-the amount of time and the skill it takes to provide your pet with a quality grooming experience. Goin to the Dogs takes in to consideration breed, age, size, length and condition of coat, cooperation of your pet, and services required.  Our base price is $60 , we tend to be modestly higher than traditional grooming establishments because we include our travel, so you don't have to make the trip.